Tool Release: list-mft

Over the past few months and years, I’ve developed a number of tools for forensic investigators. These are tools I needed for one reason or another, and actively used over many investigations. Although I’ve mentioned some of them in passing at various points (such as at OSDFC, or in my MFT analysis presentation, many of the tools have never received a formal introduction or release. These posts change that. ref

list-mft is a tool for timelining metadata of files and directories defined by a NTFS MFT. The tool is robust, performant, and uses a constant amount of memory. The tool supports timestamps found within STANDARD_INFORMATION attributes, FILENAME attributes, and resident directory index entries. list-mft also attempts to recover inactive MFT entries and resolve orphan files.

list-mft is a tool analogous to AnalyzeMFT.

For more information, please visit the tool page here.