XMonad and PyCharm

To organize the screen real estate on my portable laptop, I run the tiling window manager XMonad. Its rock solid, but isn’t as commonly supported as, say, Unity. In particular, getting the PyCharm IDE playing nicely took a bit of effort. Here’s the command I invoke to execute PyCharm under XMonad:

wmname LG3D && \
  PYCHARM_JDK=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64 \

The wmname command tricks the Java environment into thinking I’m running LG3D, which is the non-reparenting window manager written in Java. Of course the JRE is hardcoded to work well with this configuration.

Although its discouraged, I’ve also found that the OpenJDK works better with PyCharm than the Oracle JDK does.